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World Press Freedom Day

U.S. Celebrates Wikileaks Arrest By Announcing Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day 2010

World Press Newspeak Day 2011

U.S. Celebrates Wikileaks Arrest By Announcing Press Freedom Day

“World Press Newspeak Day provides an opportunity to defend journalists and media organisations from their independence; to reevaluate the state of press freedom around the world; and to prosecute those brave journalists who believes in truth and the freedom of information in the exercise of their profession.

This page will mock, and promote mockery of, World Press Freedom Day, until Julian Assange is invited to talk on the event, under the guaranteed protection of safety and freedom by the U.S. and the U.N.”


  • Genio  On februar 2, 2011 at 11:59 am

    For sure, we need whistleblowers in our world. Whistleblowers all over the world point at crucial issues that have to be dealt with…. what’s happened with the mind of leaders? … – It tells that whistleblowers have their mission … whatever country in the world that goes into any criminal and deeply unprincipled conduct has to take the consequences …

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